Ever-growing power of Chinese market


60% of wealthy Chinese have or are seriously considering emigrating overseas.


64% of wealthy Chinese are already engaged in overseas investment or immigration.


85% of wealthy Chinese want to educate their children overseas.

What is HouGarden?

HouGarden.com is the largest property portal in New Zealand targeting the Chinese-speaking market. That means we have more listings than any other Chinese language website in the real estate sector – and we’re also the third largest property portal in New Zealand, full stop. HouGarden.com is independent of any real estate agency or organisation, providing a level playing field for vendors and agents who are seeking to reach Chinese purchasers.Prospective buyers from Browns Bay to Balmoral and Singapore to Shanghai can browse our listings in their own language and find all the information they need to buy the apartment, family home or investment property of their dreams. HouGarden.com is easy to access and packed with desirable properties at all levels of the market. We provide a dynamic and comprehensive portal, with desktop-optimised website plus mobile version and iOS and Android apps.

Why choose us?

New Zealand’s real estate market is an attractive proposition to many potential buyers. In addition to Chinese-speaking citizens and residents of New Zealand, there is real interest flooding in from affluent buyers based overseas – in mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and many other countries. These potential customers naturally prefer to browse listings in their own language. They're looking for a reputable site that provides them with an entry point to the New Zealand property market. HouGarden.com is that site.

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